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Debauchery and love songs
Keywords: Crom; powerviolence
Downloads: 6
[audio]Infest - Shackled Down
Keywords: Infest; Powerviolence
Downloads: 65
[audio]Giftgas - Closed Casket Funeral - Giftgas
Keywords: Giftgas; powerviolence
Downloads: 139
[audio]atw008 - junior
Keywords: hardcore; powerviolence
Downloads: 37
[audio]HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - live on punk 'n' pie radio - HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH-KRBX
Keywords: hardcore; fastcore; grind; powerviolence
Downloads: 30
[movies]VTS 01 1 - MK-ULTRA
MK-ULTRA - live @ more than music fest 1998
Keywords: hardcore; fastcore; powerviolence; grind
Downloads: 4
Debauchery and love songs
Keywords: Powerviolence; Crom; Crom
Downloads: 35
Noisy fastcore from East Vancouver/ Langford, B.C. We heavily encourage you to make copies of this tape to trade for weed.
Keywords: powerviolence fastcore hardcore demo
Downloads: 84
[audio]NBR 020 2013 DLSM - Noiseblast Recordings
DEMOSxLECTURE / SMILER free download released by: Noiseblast Recordings
Keywords: Free Download; Crust; Powerviolence
Downloads: 16
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-16-05 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Weekend Nachos, Population Reduction, Socially Retarded, Sea Of Shit, Running For Cover, Needful Things, Carnal Diafragma, Pulmonary Fibrosis, The Infarto, Scheisse!, Dune, La Crisi, Capitali$t Casualties, Suffering Mind, Sidetracked, Insomnia Isterica
Keywords: grindcore; powerviolence; hardcore; goregrind
Downloads: 56
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-23-05 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Ghoul, Cyborg, Curmudgeon, Catheter, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Osk, Iron Crow, Ultimate Bloowup, Citizens Patrol, Social Circkle, Seesaw, Kina, Vulturum.
Keywords: grindcore; powerviolence; hardcore; drone
Downloads: 47
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-04-05 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Sottopressione, Default, Low Threat Profile, ED, Seditius, xBrainiax, Unholy Grave, Ingrowing, Extortion, Sylvester Staline, Spazz, Flu, Negazione
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore; powerviolence; hardcore
Downloads: 65
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-07-13 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring The Ednless Blockade, Punch, Busted Bearings, Bully, Shit Weather, Dead Language, Voorhees, Sanity's Dawn, Light Up!, Scapegoat, Quattro Stagioni, Rupture and the whole Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghh!!!! compilation!
Keywords: grindcore; powerviolence; hardcore
Downloads: 36
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-03-15
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Conga Fury, Lack Of Interest, Death Before Work, Mindless, Infect, Mind Of Asian, Straight Edge Kegger, Agathocles, Tersanjung 13, Unholy Grave, CSMD, Final Exit, Nee!, Marnero
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore; powerviolence
Downloads: 58
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-03-07 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Extortion, Despise You, PTAO, Gorgonized Dorks, O, Zaskae, No Thoughts, Six Brew Bantha, Flachenbrand, Slang, Fuck On The Beach, Cripple Bastards, Atentat Na Sluh, CSSO, Realized
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore; powerviolence
Downloads: 91
[audio]atw009 - junior
Keywords: powerviolence; ding dongs
Downloads: 25
STRONGONOFF/ PORRALOKA "split relâmpago" (2009)
Keywords: noisecore; punk; fastcore; powerviolence
Downloads: 30
[image]Iron Crow - 05/13/2011 Practice - Will Butler
Recorded practice on a Tascam
Keywords: Iron Crow; powerviolence
Downloads: 36
[audio]Get Destroyed - Self Titled 7" (remastered) - Get Destroyed
Remastered version of the original EP
Keywords: Get Destroyed; Powerviolence
Downloads: 291
[movies]Abuse. / Holders Scar / Barge - 6/8/2013 in Raleigh - Will Butler
Live @ The Maywood
Keywords: diy; hardcore; powerviolence
Downloads: 11
[audio][Siro586] Totally Pissed Off - Anarchist Brutality
Totally Pissed Off - Anarchist Brutality (ZIP) 160kbps - March 2013 Power-Violence / Crust / Grind / Other Tracklist: 01 - Intro 02 - Christmas Chainsaw Massacre 03 - Drugs Are For Thugs 04 - Tourtured By Your Reflection 05 - Your Picture Is Worth 43 Seconds 06 - Secrets In The Cellar Total: (9:08) Totally Pissed Off Website Sirona-Records Website
Keywords: Power-Violence; Crust; Grind
Downloads: 4,178 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]MK-ULTRA - live at more than music fest 1998 - MK-ULTRA
MK-ULTRA - live @ more than music fest 1998Danwww.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com
Keywords: hardcore; punk; fastcore; powerviolence; grind
Downloads: 28
[audio]Katadopein 142 (17//04//2013) - Katadöpein
Programa radioshow punk katadopein 142
Keywords: punk; grindcore; hardcore; crust; powerviolence
Downloads: 50
[audio]INFEST - live che cafe 2013 - INFEST
INFEST - live at the Che Cafe,San Diego-CA January 26th, 2013 full gig soon! www.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com
Keywords: INFEST; powerviolence; fastcore; grind; hardcore
Downloads: 41
[audio]Crom Discography
Keywords: Crom; powerviolence; sludge; grindcore; beiber
Downloads: 47
[audio]IGx - "Hoje é dia de George!" - Ignorants?
IGNORANTS? "Hoje é dia de George!" (2007) 01. no more bushit! 02. eu odeio o george w. bush 03. soldados americanos mortos no iraque 04. vaza bush 05. bush no brasil 06. 11 de setembro de 2001 07. próximo alvo: estátua da liberdade 08. livres 09. bombardeie a casa branca 10. encare os fatos 11. terrorista de araque 12. consciência 13. ronald the clown 14. violência extrema 15. manipulação 16...
Keywords: ignorants?; crust; thrash; powerviolence; noisecore
Downloads: 77
[audio]Give Praise Records Podcast #1
The first Give Praise Records podcast - News, updates, tour dates from the label. AS well as some radical tunes from up and coming releases and from the Praise vault!
Keywords: punk; hardcore; grindcore; powerviolence; fastcore
Downloads: 38
[audio]Give Praise Records Podcast #2
The second issue of the Give Praise Records Podcast - this one has co-host Doug's first run of metal and punk noise! Balanced out with the usual mix of tunes from the Praise house!
Keywords: punk; hardcore; grindcore; powerviolence; fastcore
Downloads: 66
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-06-17 - Pete The Ripper
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring Deep Shit, Vile Intent, Sidetracked, Decayed Race, Lapse, Spazz, What Happens Next?, Brody's Militia, Hellnation, Nemesis Complex, Life Of Refusal, Porcodio, Raein, Dweller, Cheers To A Slam Pig, Dystopia, The Descendents
Keywords: grindcore; powerviolence; hardcore; sludgecore; screamo
Downloads: 40
[audio]STNH Podcast 2011-05-02
Sore Throat, Nausea & Headache blog's podcast, featuring No Comment, Coke Bust, Chest Pain, Warsore, Acroholia, Karena Neko, Praia De Vomito, Frustrazione, Vaccine, Triac, Wormrot, Cogs And Sprockets, Ratos De Porao, Eyehategod, Drainland, Lama Tematica, Skruigners, Cripple Bastards, YOB
Keywords: grindcore; noisecore; powerviolence; hardcore; sludgecore
Downloads: 27
[audio]INFEST - live Churchills Miami 2013 - INFEST/SPEEDFREEK
INFEST - legendary powerviolence from Los Angeles,this is their reunion gig at Churchills,Miami-Florida March 9th, 2013 Joe Denunzio - vocals Matt Domino - guitar Chris Dodge - bass Bob Kasitz - drums THX! to Roger speedfreek www.facebook.com/SPEEDFREEK666 digitalized by : DANISTHEBASTARD www.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com
Keywords: INFEST; powerviolence; fastcore; grind; hardcore
Downloads: 136
[audio]Lapse - Discography - Lapse
Defunct pv band from Baltimore's full output
Keywords: Lapse; powerviolence; Limp Wrist; hardcore
Downloads: 9,808
[audio]Henry Fonda - Demo (2009) - Henry Fonda
Four dudes from Berlin, Germany, a rehearsal room, guitar, bass, drums, a throat, fun and DIY beliefs to the max, sick and tired of modern hardcore and mainstream media influenced wanna-be-rebels.
Keywords: to live a lie records; powerviolence
Downloads: 321
[audio]INFEST - nazi killer - INFEST/KILL THAT CAT
INFEST - "nazi killer" played live @ the oakland metro april 20th, 2013 PLAY LOUD/STAY PISSED!!! Dan www.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com
Keywords: INFEST; powerviolence; gastcore; grind; hardcore; punk; faaaaaastcore
Downloads: 48
[audio]ASSUCK - live chicago 1997 - ASSUCK
ASSUCK from Florida playing a full set @ CHARLES BRONSON's last show in Chicago-IL August 1st, 1997 assuck - live @ fiesta grande #1 also available for free download on: www.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com PLAY LOUUUUUUD!!! D.
Keywords: hardcore; powerviolence; grind; fastcore; assück; florida
Downloads: 105
[audio]OFAL - best of 2012 - V/A
www.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com best of 2012 records and tapes
Downloads: 100
[audio]Abrade s/t 7" - fcr773.yolasite.com
Abrade is Chicago grind/powerviolence and this is their first release
Keywords: abrade; idxed; fcr; chicago; powerviolence; grindcore
Downloads: 17
[audio]Abrade - Homage - fcr773.yolasite.com
powerviolence grind
Keywords: abrade; idxed; fcr; chicago; powerviolence; grindcore
Downloads: 15
[audio]Abrade - Live At the Tomb (Madison) - myspace.com/abrade05
Abrade (Chicago grind) live set in Madison from 07 or something. Recorded and "released"
Keywords: abrade 773 fcr grindcore powerviolence madison sfn
Downloads: 9
[audio]IGx - "H8 the G8" - Ignorants?
IGNORANTS? "H8 the G8" (2007) 01. h8 the g8 02. hate against the state 03. peace? not yet! 04. fuck the system 05. desigualdade social 06. fuck the state 07. mentiras 08. escória 09. o sistema trabalha pra eles 10. onde está a justiça?
Keywords: noisecore; crust; punk; thrash; powerviolence; ignorants?
Downloads: 59
[audio]Robocop on the Ministry of Metal Podcast
Powerviolence band Robocop, on the Ministry of Metal
Keywords: Powerviolence; band; Robocop; the Ministry of Metal
Downloads: 59
[audio]Fixture Demo - Fixture
Rough demo for the Fitchburg, MA powerviolence band Fixture.
Keywords: Fixture; powerviolence; hardcore; punk; grindcore; demo
Downloads: 39
[audio]Costa pulls the Trigger - Costa Cosanostra / Trigger
Costa Cosanostra / Trigger - 'Costa pulls the Trigger' split cd 2x Grindcore Powerviolence from Leipzig resp. Glauchau in Germoney Out now on www.myspace.com/netlabel_g16. Home: www.myspace.com/costacosanostra www.myspace.com/triggertrashcore
Keywords: netlabel-g16; grindcore; grind; powerviolence
Downloads: 2,310
[audio]IGx - "Hellcome to well" - Ignorants?
IGNORANTS? "hellcome to well" (2006) 1. intro-metido 2. não se faça de besta, seu idiota 3. dork in new york 4. underground 5. emo attitude sux 6. não me leve a mal 7. inferno 8. sou anticristo e não desisto nunca 9. chouriço 10. eu não sou você 11. você vai pro céu? 12. coisas sem sentido 13. missionário mercenário 2 14. consciência straight edge 15. senso de horror 16...
Keywords: ignorants?; thrash; grind; hardcore; powerviolence; noisecore; crust
Downloads: 103
[audio]Assassination Markets demo - Robocop
new from robocop's debut album.
Keywords: Robocop; Maine; Powerviolence; Hardcore; Punk; Doom; Metal
Downloads: 19
[audio]VILLA FUNGUS - rehearsal 2013 - VILLA FUNGUS
new Dutch band with Mike D. on drums & Thierry also known from TUCO RAMIREZ on guitar/vox? rehearsal tracks/teaser more info here www.skateordiemotherfucker.nl
Keywords: hardcore; fastcore; powerviolence; villa fungus; tuco ramitez
Downloads: 31
[audio]va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an int. female fronted hc/punk compilation - v/a
#3 in the WSP serieTHIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RELEASE!!!trade only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!support the bands buy their records/merch Danwww.old-fast-and-loud.blogspot.comwww.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com 
Keywords: female fronted; hardcore; punk; powerviolence; latin/a
Downloads: 19
[audio]INFEST - live echo 2013 - INFEST
INFEST - reunion @ the echo,los angeles-CA January 13th, 2013 JoeDenunzio - vocals,Matt Domino - guitar Chris Dodge on bass & Bob DEEP SIX/LACK OF INTEREST behind the kit the place was packed,400 people could be in the venue,500 tickets were sold... a madhouse,go watch the videos on youtube! B.A.D.A.S.S. GIG!!!!!!!!!!!! PLAY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dan www.memories-for-tomorrow.blogspot.com
Keywords: INFEST; powerviolence; fastcore; grind; harcore; punk; echo
Downloads: 330
[audio]INFEST - why be something youre not - INFEST/DRAW BLANK
why be something you're not ,orig by NEGATIVE APPROACH from the "new" INFEST - days turn black 7'' unreleased leftovers from the NMS lp... reg. pressing out soon draw blank records #16
Keywords: INFEST; fastcore; powerviolence; grind; draw blank records
Downloads: 132
[audio][TFN320] TongueBiter - Wake Up! - TongueBiter
Artist: TongueBiter Album: Wake Up! EP Year: 2011 CAT#: TFN320 Style: Hardcore, Powerviolence Tracks: 01. Take It Back / Page Burner 02. Get Me Out 03. Family Forever 04. Follow The Path 05. You Sir, Are Beating A Dead Horse 06. I Went Sky Diving With Charlie Sheen 07. The Ungrateful Dead 08. Wake Up! http://trashfuck.net tfnnetlabel@ymail.com http://trashfuck.blogspot.com http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://www.last.fm/music/TongueBiter
Keywords: Hardcore; Powerviolence; netlabels; TongueBiter; TRASHFUCK NET; TRASHFUCK
Downloads: 107
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